Six Month Baby Belly

Wow! This baby moves.... a lot. Six months along, I can barely believe it at times. So far this has been my easiest pregnancy. I can still sleep on my stomach for short amounts of time which is great, no ligament issues, my bones are still in alignment, nothing weird going on..... all the fun stuff that pregnancy is made of.

This morning I was contemplating my extreme dislike for maternity clothes. Wondering why I flat out refuse to wear them unless I absolutely have to. Is it that I, deep in my psyche, want to prolong this baby coming? Nope. Is it that I worked so hard to lose the extra weight from Judah that it makes me feel upset to have to wear a bigger size than normal? Perhaps. But, I finally concluded that I just feel so decidedly unsassy in maternity clothes. I feel matronly. Big, like a bus. So, I put rubber bands on my jean's buttons, and layer tank tops under my regular shirts. Eventually I will have to succumb, but I won't like it. I also concluded that I annoy myself when I think too much.

The best part about being pregnant this time is having Eve understand and be excited about our new baby. I cherish the "morning hug and kiss" she gives the baby, I laugh whenever she says: "Whoa, Momma! Your belly is getting SO big!" , and I love when she talks about the future and how this baby is fully integrated into that time. She is going to be so wonderful with this new member of our family. As for Judah, well...he's the one we're worried about.
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