Thankful Thursday
This week I am so thankful for:

** Daniel's good health. His labs won't come back until early next week, but the Doctor said everything looked great.

** For the special time Daniel and I spent feeling our baby have the hiccups. It was so fun to share a laugh with him.

** That it's apple season here in Vermont!! Fall means that HoneyCrisp apples are back. These are pretty much the best apples known to man.

**Judah said "I love you" to me for the first time, all on his own. I have been waiting his whole life for that moment, my heart absolutely melted.

** For Daniel's good secure job. This particular job has been filled with long hours, and plenty of sacrifices, but we are so grateful for his wonderful career.

** For the special time Eve and I can spend together each day reading. We just finished the "Trumpeter Swan" which was an exceedingly fun book to read.

** That Daniel doesn't mind killing spiders for me. I shake at the sight of them.

** For our marriage. That the love is deep and faithful, but also because he likes me. And we just have so much fun being together.

I am so glad Iris hosts this every week. It really helps me to focus on how grateful I am for all sorts of things in my life - little and big.
This week the theme is Grace - the perfect theme for me. I have needed an abundance of God's grace this week, and He has freely given it to me. I am so grateful, aren't you?
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