Thankful Thursday
Wow! This week went by so quickly for me! I have so much to be thankful for:

** For a clean van! It's beautiful on the inside and outside. No more hunks of discarded snacks, books scattered everywhere, no old receipts, or empty ziploc bags!

** For air conditioning. It was HOT and muggy this weekend, but my house was a welcome retreat from all of that yuck because of the A.C.

** For money to pay the electric bill so I can have A.C.

** That Judah didn't cry at all when we dropped him off in the nursery on Sunday. This is huge!

** For the Vegetable omelet I had on Sunday. I literally craved it all week, it was just awesome! We had such a wonderful time eating brunch at a great restaurant with our friends.

** For a mom who can sew beautifully.

** For my mom.

** For Viva paper towels. They make my life so much nicer and easier to keep clean.

** For my washing machine and dryer. I was thinking the other day, as I walked away from another new load swishing away in the washing machine, how thankful I was to be able to just walk away and come back in forty-five minutes to clean, sweet smelling laundry.

** For how forgiving my children are to me when I mess up. Because I do and it's quite often. They love me so sweetly.

** For a delicious dark roast coffee with a little bit of espresso added. I can continue on because of it.

You know, I could list so many things my heart is thankful for but above all I am most thankful for God's mercy - that it is new every morning!

Have a wonderful week and have fun counting your blessing! Please go check out my brother's Thankful Thursday post - it's his first one!! Thanks to Iris who hosts this every week.
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