Random Bits of Good News
This past Thursday I had a prenatal visit with my midwife, Kristen, and received some good news - our baby is head down! I was fairly certain that this was the case. I thought I could feel little hands moving around in there and I can definitely tell where the feet are. If I am right we may have another thumb sucker on our hands - it seems that those tiny baby hands spend an awful lot of time up by it's face. I am also able to feel the baby turn it's head to the sound of Daniel's voice when he talks to it, which I totally love.
Can I just tell you I'm dying to know what I am having.... I am so tired of saying "it". "It" has a gender...!

Anyways, I was thrilled that the baby is head down since I have heard that stress can cause a breach baby. My life right now, and for the past nearly four years, is anything but stress-free. I don't know if you have heard (Ha!) but Recruiters in the military have a highly stressful job. Apparently Recruiters account for 10 percent of the suicides the Air Force sustains. Couple Daniel's stressful job with his incredibly long hours away from home (he is responsible for nearly the whole state of Vermont), two small children, pregnancy, not knowing where we are going to be living or what Daniel's job will be in six month's and you have stress.
But, the great and redeeming quality is knowing that we only have six month's left. And while it may be stressful - it is only six months. I can't convey the relief I will feel when this tour is over. I miss my husband.

On an entirely different note, can I tell you about the gorgeousness that is my refrigerator right now?! Gorgeous. (Does anyone else understand how the inside of a refrigerator can be thought of as gorgeous?)
It was a whole lot of work as I took every piece of removable plastic and glass out of it and scrubbed. I scrubbed, organized, threw away and made that fridge to sparkle. Now, I randomly open it when I walk by just to see how beautiful it is. And it smells like lavender, thanks to this good-lookin' bottle of happiness... I find myself wanting to clean anything and everything just so I can smell this lovely scent some more. If you haven't tried Mrs. Meyers cleaning solution, you really should. I can't say as it works miracles with the actual cleaning process, but you won't really care because the smell is so intoxicating. From looking at the website I found out they have the Gingerbread scent in for the holidays. Sign me up! Who knew cleaning could be so sweet smelling!
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