Our Free Day

At the beginning of this week Eve asked me to run through all the activities we had planned for each day. When I finally arrived at Friday I said with relief: "Friday is a free day!" When Eve asked me what a "free day" was, I explained that it is a day when we have nothing extra to do. While this may be a relief to me, it is not so much to my little social butterfly. In obvious denial she asked again what we were going to do. I said "Oh, a little housework and just kind of chill." Needless to say she wasn't anticipating Friday very much.
My issue is I don't know how to just chill very well. I found my self wandering around the house today trying to relax and not do extra chores. I did play with the kids, Eve read me a book, we did a couple of crafts, I have taken a ton of pictures, and had a cup of tea. Still, I feel guilty for not baking or cleaning, for not organizing something. My hands are restless for busy work. But this day is set aside to recuperate from the week, and we all really need it. I just have to convince myself that it is okay to relax and not do the unnecessary that feels so necessary. I guess I accomplished that objective when it came to getting dressed since I'm still sporting lounge pants and a comfy J. Crew shirt. It's the small victories we have to celebrate, right?

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