Three Baby Belly Shots
Eve's Baby Belly

Judah's Baby Belly

Number 3 Baby Belly

This baby belly is starting to get in the way. I keep under- estimating how much clearance I need when I go by the couch, a chair.... basically anything that is at that height. Tonight it conveniently caught some water dripping off my glass thus saving me having to wipe up the counter. So thoughtful. It's at the point where I don't have a belly anymore, I have a shelf.

These pictures were taken at about seven and a half months, although Eve's was closer to eight. I keep analyzing to see if I am carrying different, bigger, higher, lower. Why? I don't know. Just because, I guess.

What's your opinion on my shelf? Daniel says it sticks out more than the other two.... And while you're at it, will you please let me know what I'm having. My neighbor (who was right with Judah) says it's another boy. But, I think it's a girl.
I guess time will tell.
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