Help! Save Me from the Boring Peanut Butter Cookie

Apparently the peanut butter cookies I made tonight were boring. This according to Daniel. For the record, I thought they were fantastic. Chewy, almost caramel like in the middle with the perfect slight crisp edge. Fairly good peanut butter taste - I guess that could be improved - but all wrapped up with what I thought was a balanced sweetness against the saltiness of the peanut butter.

But then, I do have Daniel "the peanut butter cookie snob" on my hands.

One of the Army Recruiters called me on Friday to ask if I would make him peanut butter cookies. Specifically. I am so afraid I am going to disappoint him, but I am going to have to risk it as they are all made and beautifully nested on a plate now. What I am asking you for is your "not boring" recipe for peanut butter cookies. To save my booty the next time. Just use that "E-mail Us" link on the left side of our page and you could be my hero, baby.....

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