When I crawled out of bed this morning I could tell there was snow on the ground by the brightness of our window blinds. I peered around the edge and sure enough... the ground was covered with millions of white flakes. My heart did a little leap because I knew how thrilled Eve was going to be when she spied the snow. I decided to wake the kids up separately so I could capture each of their expressions of excitement. Eve is old enough so she understands how much fun the snow can be - Judah wasn't really old enough last year to appreciate it. In fact, he was rather disgruntled by the whole affair.

An unhappy Judah in December 2006

But today he seemed to catch some of Eve's excitement, which was very refreshing. I am hoping that we'll be able to spend a lot of time outside playing this year. I've got my fingers crossed that Judah will be old enough to not care so much about the temperature... he hates to be cold. Always has. But, he's highly influenced by his sister, and she couldn't care less about the cold.
I have tucked away all their winter gear along with high hopes of having our greatest Vermont winter yet. I can see that I will be unearthing it sooner rather than later!

Judah's first snow sighting of the season


"Momma! I'm going to catch the snowflakes on my tongue! Like this..."

"Judah, this is how you do it. Watch."

"Like this!"
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