The Birthing Pool aka The Psuedo-Drug
It's that time... time to line up the birthing tub. It always make this whole birthing process seem that much more real. And kind of scary.
With Eve's birth I wasn't nervous, scared, anything. I just wanted her out. Then I had her and found out how much it hurt. With Judah's birth I tried not to think about labor too much, I simply begged God to let it be quicker and easier. His birth was much quicker - I don't know about the easier part. This time, my birthing prayers are very specific.
Labor is not fun. I wish I didn't have to go through it, but I do. And the water, the gloriously warm water in my birthing tub, makes it so much better.

For the past two births I have used this tub and it has worked out great. But wicked expensive - as in nearly 400 dollars. I don't know why we weren't smart enough in the beginning to just buy a tub flat out. It would have paid for itself by now.

Looking this time, I saw that the company we ordered through for Eve's birth has a new pool called the Birth Pool in a Box Eco

This birthing pool is only $150 which is so much more reasonable. I am a little skeptical, but I think it will be fine. I just don't do change well.
The tub I used for Eve and Judah took forever to fill up and I was pretty desperate to get it in by the time I actually could. It would be nice to have a tub that didn't take quite as long to get to the usable point. The description on this one says two people can be in it at the same time - this is an absolute must as I have to have Daniel's support.

Poor guy, last time I think I nearly killed him. Actually, I don't feel too bad - He can't just do the fun stuff, you know.

So, I'll think on this pool a bit more, because that's what I do, then I'll buy it. And I'll feel better, knowing that I have something that helps to relieve the agony.

I'm so dramatic, but it's the truth - isn't it?

I just want to skip to the part where I am holding my new baby. Anyone know where the fast forward button is on labor?
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