PBS for the First Time

Friday night found us in the great city of Boston. We love Boston - it is such an exciting city to visit. We, along with our friends Sam and Tarrah, attended a concert - the David Crowder Band - it was very fun but seemed abnormally loud. The theater was quite small, maybe that had something to do with the volume. The kids, well, Eve had a blast. Judah slept through at least half of it, amazingly enough. Our unborn child rolled around in my womb the entire time which was extremely painful - I don't think it knew what the heck was going on! It was probably thinking....Why am I vibrating! This was Eve's second concert but Judah's first - we had awesome seats and were able to see everything so well. You know, thinking back, I don't think I attended my first concert until I was a teenager!

When we go to Boston we always stay at Hanscom AFB since it is super, super cheap. We stay in the TLF (temporary living facility) because you get a full kitchen-with plates, cups, pans, everything- you also have a full livingroom and dining area plus a separate bedroom with two queen beds. This type of room works great when we bring the kids. And for 47 dollars! In Boston!

Saturday morning found us relaxing and taking it easy after a late night (as in a midnight bedtime for our children - they were absolute angels). I found PBS on tv so the kids, along with Daniel, watched a couple of shows. Because we don't have tv, this was a very exciting time for Eve and Judah! I think if Sesame Street had been on they would have flipped their wig! It made for nice relaxing hour of packing and getting ready to check out of our room.

All in all it was a nice trip - the car ride wasn't bad and the kids are so resilient. I loved seeing the hotel stay through Eve's eyes. Everything was EXCITING! and NEW! and SPECIAL!, right down to the kleenex box next to her bed. It really couldn't have gotten much better for our girl than that - tissues next to her pillow. Life is so much better lived through the eyes of a four year old. It truly, truly is.
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