99 years holding 5 weeks
This weekend Daniel and I took the kids to my Grammie Chips and Poppie's house for Eliza's dedication, our yearly family get-together, celebration for GrandDaddy's birthday, as well as celebrating my Great-Grandma Vera and GrandDaddy's anniversary.

Did you get all that?!

What an amazing family I have and what a privilege for our children. We had in one room two great-great Grandparents, four great-grandparents, four grandparents, an aunt and uncle, and Daniel and me. It was a blessing to be able to dedication our little Eliza with all those people that we love best present. How I wish that we had a video camera - I could really kick myself for not making that a priority. (Daniel wants to buy this one - it' s pretty much perfect for us at this stage in our lives.) It was a really special time and a great memory for Daniel and I to have. I only wish her other Oma and Great-Grandma along with my brothers could have been able to be with us as well.

This is my GrandDaddy holding Eliza - he would have held her all night if she hadn't started crying. It meant so much for Daniel and I to see her in the arms of her great-great grandfather. He has been deaf since he was a young boy but you know what, love doesn't need to have ears that work to be felt or shown. GrandDaddy could not love our Eliza any more. And neither could we.
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