Love Notes

A months worth of love notes left on a bedpost every night.
From Mama to Eve....

I tell my kids all throughout the day that I love them. It's commonplace to hear Judah say eight, nine, ten times a day: "Mama, love you too" and really mean.... "love you, Mama."

He says this over and over until I answer him. If for some reason I can't right away, he gets insistent. Until I answer. He must get it through to me that he loves me, but just as much, he must hear that I love him also.

The other day I overheard Eve say to Judah:

"You know what?"

"I love you!"

"Did you know that?"

It was interesting to hear her say those words to Judah, because those are my words. I say that exact quote all the time. But, as I thought about it further, I wondered if they really feel loved. Do I show them I love them? Not just tell them?

It was good for me to work through that in my mind. I know they feel loved, but I think I could show them in even greater ways. More grace, more compassion. Not being so quick to speak but truly listening to the words they say to me.

Because love is an action, it needs to be fleshed out daily, in a thousand ways. I see love's work being accomplished in the most elementary of ways in Eliza's life. She is learning to love by being loved. Learning to feel comforted by the comfort she receives. Learning to smile from the smile she sees on my face.

The responsibilities rest heavy on my shoulders.

Motherhood is a daunting task at times.
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