The Verdict Is In....
... and it's not Minot. (We could just stop right now and I'd be happy for the rest of my days.)

I think I hear the angels singing. No. I am positive I hear the angels singing.

My stomach has been in knots for the last month, and the last few days have been spent in a perpetual state of nauseousness.

Anyone want to go sight some UFO's with me?

'Cause, we're headed to New Mexico!

Cannon AFB, here we come......

*Let me clarify... Cannon AFB was Daniel's first choice. And Daniel is my first choice, so I am happy because he is happy. I do not relish living in the middle of nowhere, but like Chris R. said: "it isn't recruiting." And, we are together... that has always been our motto. We've always said we can be happy as long as we are together. So, together we go to New Mexico. Happy as can be.
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