Two years later.... He's still Winnie the Pooh

Eve resting after lifting my new twenty pound kettlebell about fifteen times!

What a girl my Eve is. Incredibly complex, yet easy to delight. Eve, like most kids, thrives on routine; she loves doing the same thing over and over again, day after day. Eve asks me every morning: "So, what are we doing today, Mama?" She likes to be "in the know" - just like me. I must know ahead of time what my focus needs to be for the day. I like to be very informed; to plan, and be prepared. I have an intimate relationship with my lists. And I have discovered that Eve loves a good list, just like me. Now, when it comes to food... we are on completely different planets. She is her Daddy's girl straight through.

There is another thing we are very different in. Repetition. I hate it. She loves it. I don't read books more than once, and movies... I HATE re-watching a movie I've already seen. I refuse to do it. Music - eh, I'm okay with listening to the same song a couple times in a row, but then we need to move on. ( Frosty the Snowman - Mom?!)

But my girl... oh, my dear, dear girl. Eve has listened to the same Winnie the Pooh tape everyday for the last two years.

I kid you not.

Side A for rest time and Side B for bedtime. Without fail. There have been maybe three times that we have traveled without bringing the tape deck and tape with us. Other than that I've heard the narrator and his little bell that tinkles every single day. Twice.

May I remind you... for two years.

This has not been good for my mental health. But, Eve loves it so I've never said a word. Seriously though.... help a girl out! I really need to know that I am not the only one. Tell me about you or your kids... is there anything that must be done every day without fail? Let me know I am not alone....

Or am I? Perhaps Winnie has gotten to me after all.
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