Lakeshore Learning
A couple of years ago I found this great website called Lakeshore Learning. I was looking for high quality craft resources for Eve and to use together. I was pretty much over Walmart's selection of Crayola. Believe me - I love Crayola but was needing something more. I ended up buying a bunch of great craft items!



Wiggly eyes - because no crafting is complete without wiggly eyes!!

Really awesome paint:

This fun painting set:


I also bought huge white cardboard cutouts of the alphabet along with a bunch more collage type items. And paper. Loved their paper! For the paint I bought inexpensive trays, these were a wonderful thing to have considering Eve was two at the time. The trays helped keep everything nice and neat. They were so easy to clean also.

Last year I bought this fantastic playdough toy set:

My kids have had hours and hours of fun using these toys.

Now I have my eye on two new items.

This bookshelf:

And this water and sand activity table.

But I can guarantee you I won't be putting sand in the containers! Oh, how I HATE sand in my house.

I felt remiss in not sharing this great resource with you. The quality is awesome and this company has so many fun things for kids! The target audience is teachers and schools, but mothers can enjoy all that this company has to offer also.
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