A Two Year Old
I am having a challenging day with my little man, so I decided I would write this to help me remember all that I cherish about him.

How should I describe life with a two year old?

Challenging. Hilarious. Loud. Messy. Sweet. Frustrating. Surprising.

I sometimes expect Judah to act like Eve or *gasp* even an adult. And I forget that he's two. That the world towers over him.
I bought Judah his own stool this past weekend; he carries that green and blue stool everywhere! I trip over it at nearly every turn. It's amazing what a difference six inches can make in the life of a two year old. It's the difference between knowing Mama's doing the dishes and watching mama doing the dishes. Between having to ask for the yellow chalk to being able to reach any color chalk he may want to draw with.

It's the little things, you know.

One of the characteristics I love the most about two year old Judah, is his ability to be real. I always know what he is feeling. Two year olds don't hide emotions real well, now do they? He hasn't learned how to pretend to be happy when he's actually sad or how to temper his joy. He is honest in all respects. And I love that.

And boy, is his joy contagious! When Judah is happy, everybody is happy. It's so fun to watch him smile and it tickles my ears to hear him laugh. It is always the simplest things that bring him happiness. I enjoy that immensely.

When it comes to anger, we are trying to teach Judah to express it in more controlled ways. This translates into a lot of "room-time" for Judah. We strictly enforce that he has to nicely hold our hand and nicely walk with us to his room. In his room he can let it all hang out, though angry screaming is not permitted. That's a little too much honesty! The part I like best about this, is that Daniel and I allow him decide when he is ready to come back out with the family. Sometimes it takes him forever, but Judah comes back out to us with a contrite, cooperative spirit. My sweet, sweet boy.

Another characteristic about Judah that I love is his willingness to help. He surprises me with his initiative. It amazes me that he thinks ahead to how he can help me. I often find myself seriously underestimating him. A two year old is truly capable of so much, if only we allow them. And he feels so much pride in completing a job. I love seeing how Judah's face lights up with a sense of accomplishment.

One of my most favorite things about this two year old stage is communication. I love listening to Judah talk! It's really fun to hear how his words come out; his sentence structure is priceless. The phrase I love the best right now is how he says "Stop it." He says: "Fhwop it."

One day I started to take away the lunch Judah wasn't finishing and I heard:

"Hey! Fhwop it Mama! I am eating it!"

Sent me into gales of laughter!

I just find so much delight in simply listening to him talk. Daniel or I will squat in front of Judah and he will talk and talk. There will be one or two words we can understand along with lots of excited sounds, deep breaths and hand motions, then he'll burst out with what he really wants to say at the very end. All that really matters is mama or daddy is looking at him eye to eye and listening.

Life with Judah is always interesting; there is never a boring moment when he is around. He is the sweet, good little boy that makes my life complete. He can frustrate me to the point of tears, but no one else can make my heart feel loved like Judah can.

And with that I am off to have a wonderful afternoon with my little blond haired boy.
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