Southern... or not so much
I was talking with Lou-Ann from a school down in Clovis New Mexico the other day. During our conversation she off-handedly informed me that although Clovis is in New Mexico, that area is actually considered west Texas. This little nugget of information was fine by me seeing how Daniel and I are planning on settling in Texas someday. Just a bit of a head start for us.

I told Daniel of this and we agreed that since we will soon be living in "west Texas" (anyone else think that Texas wants to take over the world?) it would be good to teach Eve a little "southern." We tried to start out easy, figuring we could introduce more involved words and phrases as we got on.

"Ya'll" was our first step. We told Eve the word and what it meant, then asked her to try to say it. She did great. And it sure was cute to hear "ya'll" in her little voice. The problem came when we tried to teach her to use it in a sentence.

This is what happened: "C'mon ya'll of you!"

Daniel and I laughed and laughed! Then said.... Baby girl, you are such a "yankee!"

Poor thing. She was, after all, born in North Dakota which is about as far from a southern accent as a girl can get.

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