Craig's List

I've bought my first item off of Craig's List! Daniel saw me looking at the website the other night and groaned. Such little faith that man has in me! I was thrilled to find a wooden dollhouse. I have been wanting to give Eve one for awhile now but was being very picky.

Sunday night we set off to check it out. And oh, what a lovely trip it was. Not really. The baby was screaming her head off, the kids were in high anticipation of our weekly Sunday night surprise, Daniel was having a terrible time finding the movie he had in mind for the kids, and it was getting really late. Oh, and did I mention we didn't have any definite directions? But it was so worth all the trouble.

One wooden dollhouse with an open floor plan - perfect. A huge bag of wooden furniture and wooden dolls - major bonus!! And I paid just fifty dollars for it. I was more than happy to buy it for that amount of money, but I did feel bad because the woman could have sold it for WAY more than that. The furniture itself is a treasure!

I am so looking forward to my girls playing with it. Heck, who am I kidding.... Judah will be playing with it just as much as Eve and Eliza.
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