Last Day of Recruiting
It's hard to believe. Today is Daniel's last day of recruiting duty, tomorrow the movers come. It's amazing to me how, after four years of this incredibly difficult, stressful, life-changing, many times heart-breaking, piece of our life can so quietly come to an end. The sun rose bright and cheery, the birds are chirping just like every other day. How can this day simply be like any other?

In the early morning hours I laid in my bed allowing my heart feel all the emotions associated with this day: joy, relief, anxiety, disbelief, excitement, sadness. How can it just be over? Shouldn't there be some fanfare? Can this really be the end? It came without resplendence. I feel as though the day should be dressed in glory, proclaiming our victory. If nothing else but to convince my heart that it is finally over. That we made it; we defeated this enemy of marriage, of family, of self-confidence. We are forever changed but not broken, not disabled. We are victorious! We are better than when we started, there may be scars but they quickly will become like medals on our chest.

I will never forget this day. Forever it will be sealed in my memory. For this is the day that shows we made it.

We really, really made it.
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