Military Housing

Daniel and I have been poring over house floor plans the last few days. Donna, from the housing office at Cannon, sent them to us on Tuesday.

I just love Donna!

We've been looking at all the different layouts, weighing the pros and cons. Better kitchen or narrow entryway. Bigger bedrooms or covered patio. It's been fun.

This home we are in right now has been absolutely perfect for us. It was a miracle in how it all worked out, and I have done my best to always appreciate it. But, we have outgrown this house. We are very much looking forward to the larger home we will have immediately available to us at Cannon AFB.
The housing we qualify for is a four bedroom home, and most are stand alone, which is awesome! In North Dakota we were in a six-plex and it was noisy. Very noisy. But it had lovely wood floors and huge windows, and at times I still kind of miss it.

I know, I'm silly, you can laugh at me. Tarrah does all the time.

There is a duplex we could choose to move into at Cannon; the nice part about the duplex is that it is right outside the gate to base. But, again, I don't enjoy sharing a wall with another family. It gets too noisy. I am thinking we will probably choose to live a bit farther away from base, sacrificing location for a better living arrangement. We'll be able to better decide once we are actually there.

The most exciting discovery, from the floor plans, is that every house has two bathrooms. This is SO exciting for me. And most of them even have a powder room as well. I can't hardly believe my good fortune!

Here are a couple of things I am wishing for from our new home: a gas stove (electric stoves and I aren't great friends - basically, they suck), an open kitchen ( I have always had a boxed in kitchen and I long to be able to watch my kids play while I cook) a bar area in the kitchen ( I can just see cookies and milk sessions with Eve after school every day), two bathrooms (Yay!), and lots of windows ( I crave light).

Okay, so that's more than just a couple things but it's not horrible, right?! Truthfully, I am just incredibly thankful for a home. One that I don't have to pay rent on, or utilities. I don't have to think about a thing really. And I know, the smart thing to do would be to buy a home and let the Air Force make my mortgage payment. But I'm just not ready to own yet. I take big purchases very seriously. Buying a car requires a whole lot of time and research for me. It took me a couple of months to figure out what camera to buy! I can't even imagine a house at this point. Someday we will own, I am sure of it. But not right now.

And I know what some of you are thinking... Bigger house equals more to clean. Yes, I know that. Thankfully we aren't pack rats, I don't do knick-knacks, and we keep our kid's toys to a very strict minimum. ( I do the whole few toys in their rooms, but switch them out frequently thing) Plus, I actually love to clean. I find a whole lot of satisfaction from cleaning my house.... Loud music, rubber gloves, great smelling cleaning products, my awesome vacuum cleaner..... I am a happy girl!

Anyways.... Yay for floor plans! And two bathrooms!
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