In Which I take Issue with Costco and United Buying Clubs
Costco went and made my life even easier.

Except, I have to move and there is no Costco where I am going.

Why, oh, why?

Now, my frozen chicken is not only still clean and free of disgusting fat hunks, it's in a nice, neat and leak free individual package. What a beautiful thing it was to open up the big 'ol bag of frozen chicken to find 6.5 pounds of individually packaged chicken pieces. But then I remembered I am moving in 10.5 days, and I cannot fully enjoy the ease of chicken thawing that Costco now allows me.

It's a sad day.

On another sad note... There are no food co-op buying clubs for me to take part in in New Mexico. And I can't start one on my own because United isn't even taking any new clubs right now.

Pooh on them, I say.

No name customer service girl didn't even know she was breaking my heart when she gave me the bad news. No name sat in her little cubicle and probably ate lunch procured from the Whole Foods Market buffet area, while I received the news that not only are there no real health food stores near where I am moving, there isn't even a co-op I can be involved in. No once a month pick-up of boxes and boxes of healthy foods for me anymore.

What's a healthy-eating girl to do? I kinda feel like the rug was just ripped out from under me.

I'm going to go bury my sorrows in a sweet baby girl's chubby neck now....
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