The Rank Issue - An open letter in which I attempt to contain my sassiness
Dear * insert name of woman I am not going to say here*

Your husband is the Major, not you. You are a woman, a wife, a mother, just like me. I know your husband's pay grade is much higher than mine. I know that he can give my husband orders that he must follow, but so can a lot of people. There was no need for you to act superior to me, or as if coming close and breathing any of the air around me may contaminate you. Also, when having a conversation, I do appreciate it when people turn their body towards me. And just so you know, I am not big on the one-sided friendliness thing. It wouldn't hurt you to say hi to me when I say hi to you. After all, you wipe your baby's bottom, just like I do. And your toddler drives you nuts at times just like mine does, I'm sure.

We could have been friends, even if only for a short time. We are military spouses; we could have swapped stories, or advice. And we are both a woman and a wife; I am sure we could have found plenty to talk about, even with just those two things in common. And if not, we are mothers, and certianly our children provide plenty of fodder that would have kept us talking for a long time. And while we are on the subject of children, your child playing with my child will not ruin him. She doesn't bite. I promise.

Yes, we could have been friends, you and I. But, alas, because of your issue with rank, we were not. It's too bad, because sometimes I'm funny. And I try to be helpful. And I am a very loyal friend. I would even have baked you cookies for the trip to your new base. I did think about it, but I was afraid you wouldn't eat them. You know, because my husband is a Staff Sergeant and all. Bummer for you because they're kind of famous, and totally delicious.

Andrea ( the enlisted Airman's spouse with red hair)
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