The Tyranny of the Urgent
The story of my life right now... The urgent gets done - the rest, well, it waits until it becomes urgent.

Today I am embracing the urgent....

Washing 2 more loads of laundry ( this will bring me to caught up! Yipee!)

Fold and put away clean clothes

Put away dishes

Vacuum upstairs (must find the upstairs first!)

Clean downstairs bathroom

Mop kitchen/dining/hallway

Clean refrigerator

Go to the Commissary ( it's not easy baking without butter! )

Highlight/color hair ( I am redefining the term " having roots")

Call about a terminator ( it's either me or the spiders)

Exercise walk

Make dinner (needs to be ready to eat by 5)

My kids will help me refine the things I truly consider "urgent" on this list. Wish me luck....

Someday I'll write a post worth reading....
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