My Blueberry Clown

Lately, the after-nap snack choice has been a cookie with a glass of milk. But yesterday it was frozen blueberries. Judah LOVES frozen blueberries, and I love Judah's frozen blueberry faces. He is so silly. He gets it from his father.


After the blueberries were gone, and his mouth sufficiently frozen so the words he spoke came out all slurry, it was on to fresh strawberries. Ce-Ce ( Eve) joined in on the fun then. She is CRAZY about strawberries. Actually, she's just crazy. She, too, gets that from her father.

Why are you looking at me like that?!

ANYWAYS.... Makes me a bit sad to think we won't be able to go strawberry picking this year. It's tradition to go picking, and then make a Strawberry Creme pie.

My mouth waters at the thought.

But, such is life. Strawberries from the store will have to do. Because, seriously, no Strawberry Creme pie just 'cause we don't have field strawberries?

Now that would really be crazy!
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