Like a piece of chocolate laying in a sunbeam
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with children today. So many needs, so little time. Such loud voices - insisting, unrelenting!

It's Thursday, and I can always tell when it's the end of the work week. I'm more tired, less creative, and very ready for Daniel to be home.

Judah created a masterpiece with his scrambled eggs this morning, and while I would love to be able to just shrug it off, I couldn't. It irks me when the kids make more work for me than is necessary. And that was the eggs. More unnecessary work. I talked to him about it, but you know two year olds... they have the attention span of a mosquito.

A little while later I heard a little voice calling to me " Mama! Fah-wowers, Mama!" I looked up from my baking to see Judah sitting on his bike in the doorway holding a flower out for me. A poor, ripped off at the top of the stem, half the petals missing, most gorgeous flower I have ever seen in my life - flower.

Who could be upset with a little boy after that display of love? I was like a piece of chocolate laying in a sunbeam.... totally melted.
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