Happy Birthday, Stud
Happy Birthday Daniel! I loved that we were awake last night so I could give you birthday sandwich kisses! One last kiss to my 27 year old husband, watching the clock until it turned midnight, and then kissing my newly minted 28 year old husband. I loved that you laughed when I lost track while trying to give you twenty-eight kisses. I'm glad you love your super silly wife.

We have a lot of fun together, don't we.

This 27th year of yours has been such a whirlwind of life; trying to hang on to one another through it hasn't always been so easy but here we are... still hanging on for dear life. We're stubborn like that.
Before we know it I'll be writing a letter to you on your 78th birthday, wondering where the time went. We'll still be hanging on to each other, more stubborn and in love than ever. Of this I'm sure. After all... we were meant to be.

Daniel and Andrea

Looking to year 28... we have a lot spread out in front of us! Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever have a year where everything is calm, normal, simple. We might get bored, don't you think? I'd like to give it try sometime, though.

Daniel, I love you. I love that I am really getting to know who you are. We're so past the surface stuff. We're into the this is for real stuff. I love that.
We've come a long way, baby. And this is only our 8th-ish year of celebrating your birthday together! I am looking forward to the many years sure to come.
Sorry I can't make you a peanut butter pie this year. I miss having every ingredient I could possibly need at my fingertips. Just know, if I could make you that pie I would. I know how much you love the delicious, high fat but who cares, melt in your mouth, layers of chocolaty peanut buttery, cream cheesy goodness, pie. (That was just mean of me, wasn't it.) Maybe at Christmas time I'll make it for you. That would make you happy, and you know how much I love to see you happy.

Daniel, thanks for loving me, thanks for liking me, thanks for being my best friend. But thanks most of all for being you. I love every inch of the brand new 28 year old you.

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