Sometimes She Just Brings The Crazy...
Eliza had made a mess out of her face today with her lunch, so I bathed her before her nap this afternoon. When I laid her down to sleep, her hair was almost but not completely dry.

Apparently there was just the right amount of dampness in her hair to bring the crazies out. Eliza woke up with quite the 'do. It made me laugh to see her crazy hair.


Eliza reminds me of a little bird; she cocks her head to the side and looks so curiously about. She was lovin' sitting in the laundry basket! However, when she tried to stand up.... that didn't work out quite like she had planned.

Tonight I am having my spectacular haircolorist... the one, the only, Daniel, color my hair. We cleaned the house earlier today, to include mopping (Yay!! I love having shiny floors) so we are good to go tonight. Color my hair and then relax.

On another, more sad note... NaBloPoMo is over today. I was having fun being told I had to post every day; I loved the challenge of it. There were defintely days when I wouldn't have posted if I hadn't committed to NaBloPoMo.

Did I clog up the internet with needless words... yes. I'm sure I did. But, oh well. I don't know how some people (bloggers) do it... they crank out wonderful, amazing posts day after day after day. Me... I'm writing about life stuff, like coloring my hair. And discovering something about myself. And birthday chocolate. And having Judah take pictures of me. And writing about all the fabulous and not so fabulous things I learned while 27 years old.

But, my favorite post from this month was Daniel's annual birthday letter to me. He loves me. A lot.

Can you believe tomorrow is December 1st? I can not even fathom it. How busy is your December? Mine... busy, BUSY! And I can hardly wait for it!

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