Long Days, Short Nights
Anybody else feel this way?

Of course, the short nights would be longer if I went to bed earlier but that's sensible. And no fun.

Today I did a photoshoot; a fun photoshoot! Still not charging and even if I was I wouldn't have charged her a penny. No way, no how. The kids did awesome, even Eliza who was napless. Eliza aka Miss Thing Number TWO did, however, fall immediatly to sleep when I put her in the carseat. That was nothing short of amazing and miraculous because my children are most decidedly not car sleepers. Not one of them has ever been, and believe me, we have traveled a lot during the span their meager little lifetimes.

Anyways... good day. Tiring day. I ate nothing for dinner because I was too lazy (tired sounds so much better) to make anything. Daniel made some healthy food for the kids so I felt guilt free for not making A DINNER.
You know how it goes... Mother guilt.

Bought Judah some sneakers for his birthday. Fingers crossed he's going to like them.

I was surprised I was able to find something, anything in this town. But, I did! And for very little money. Which, as you know how two... breathing down three... year olds are on their shoes. They beat them into the ground.

So, good shoes... little money... big sigh of relief. Mama is happy.

Shoes are what Judah requested as a birthday present. Again, blessedly easy to please.

Thanksgiving will be on Friday for us. Tomorrow.... it's all about Judah-man. Love him. And the fact that at this moment I am NOT experiencing immense labor pain. The hard work has been done and now I get to love on my little man.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the ones you love best.
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