Nothing Quite Like It
It's full swing with the Christmas music around here. My kids are loving it! It's the sweetest thing to hear Judah's little voice singing All I Want For Christmas. One of their current favorites is listening to the Chipmunks sing their famed Christmas song, all while they play "tent" aka take all the cushions off the couch and pretend it's a tent aka destroy the livingroom.

Alvin. Alvin! ALVIN!! Anyone?


Sure, we love Pandora, and I was all about downloading the free Christmas music off of Oprah's website and having Daniel make me a cd.
Daniel loves the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and I love my Harry, but there is nothing quite like listening to the tried and true Christmas songs played on the record player. It's perfection, if you ask me.

And it's not just about the Christmas music either; it's pretty awesome to see my kids enjoying the old, old, old storybook records that I listened to as a child. I loved listening to those records... waiting for the Tinkerbell's twinkle telling me to turn the page. I have wonderful, vivid memories of those times.


You ought to buy your little family a record player this year. Records are way cheap - I found mine at a garage sale for a dollar a piece. We previously had my Grandma Chips and Poppie's record player but unfortunately it kicked the bucket. My parents bought us a new one from Target this summer.


Think about it. Because there are some wonderful memories to be made 'round the record player.
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