What's Up, Buttercup!
I know... I've been MIA for more than a few days. I couldn't handle one more thing to do. Anyone else feel like that right now?

We had a nice weekend, super low key, we did nothing but relax and hang out with just our little family.

Well, it was low key if you don't count making a life altering decision on Sunday.

Other than that... defintely low key. Like the base-est of base keys, baby.

This week is prep for our trip home next week. I am also preparing for Eve to host a Christmas tea party on Saturday morning. If anyone has any fantastic, easy, sweet decorating ideas or websites for me, that would be much appreciated. I am decorating impaired. And I am more than telling the honest truth about that.

I have also been fervently working on my photography portfolio for my class. Fifteen dry mounted, original prints due Wednesday... Yikes! I'm ready, well, all except for the one picture I mounted CROOKED. It was my fifteenth one... the last one! And I mounted it crooked. Yeah. Go figure.
I must say, it was really interesting to see my pictures in print. It made me smile to hold my very own art in my hands.

Today the crazies struck and I went out in the windiest weather I have ever been in.... in my life... and took pictures of cows. When I told Daniel what I did he asked me if I was nuts!

Ummmm... most positively yes. And he loves that about me.

It's just that the light was fantastic today - beautifully cloudy, perfectly bright, and the cows were standing close to the fence. I need them close for taking photos. It was perfect... or it would have been if the cows hadn't all run off when I walked towards them!
It's funny... they were frightened but still curious, so they didn't run too far. I was able to get some good photos, thankfully, because
man oh man was it super cold and windy. I wasn't out of my car two minutes and my fingers were so numb that I was afraid I was going to drop my camera. Seriously. It was worth it, though.

Can I tell you about the wind...! Hooooly crap. It blew our humongous grill over today. Slammed it right onto the patio. I thought a chunk of the house blew off from the sounds of it! When I was dropping off (and picking up) Eve at school, the wind nearly knocked me right on my booty! I am not exaggerating. It took my breath away so violently that it frightened me.

Windswept Red

The evil wind also brought out the tumbleweeds. I hate the tumbleweeds. They scare me. They look alive tumbling across the fields and the roads - it's disturbing! And is there ever have a lot of them - BIG ones too. When you're driving it's like playing a game of dodgeball. Dodgeball from Hell. Because if one of these babies hits your car or, God forbid, gets stuck under your car... you're toast.

Tumbleweeds from Hell

Anyways... I think you are pretty much caught up on our life. Any questions?

*Post from 1 year ago today: Yeah, he threw the snowball.... It grazed my head.
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