Snow Play
It is finally a bit milder outside, for awhile there I thought it was never going to get above zero! The kids have been desperate to go outside. The other day I heard Judah crying so I went to investigate what all the noise was about. I found him on top of a laundry basket pushed up to the big window in the living room. He was banging on the window and crying because he wanted to be outside. I felt terrible because I had to say no; it was one of those days that is so cold your heat basically never shuts off. The gas company really likes those days. My children do not.

Today it is gorgeous out! I bundled the kids up, got the sled out and off we went to enjoy the beautiful day. **That sounded really nice didn't it? actuality I spent 20 minutes dressing everyone then fixing mittens that had fallen off, fixing boots, stepping in melted snow, changing wet socks, listening to an impatient 1 year old scream etc. It wasn't pretty but, once we were outside we had so much fun! The sun was gloriously bright, and the snow is perfect for the kids to climb all over.

Judah was SO happy. He could hardly contain his excitement. Here he is attacking the snow, complete with growls.

This is his "I'm so excited I can't even stand it!" face. He looks like a chipmunk to me!

Eve had lots of fun making slides out of the mountains of snow piled up.

Too soon the boots started to fill up with snow, mittens started to fall off of hands and it was time to go inside. It was a blast, but Spring can't come quickly enough for me. Bring on the mud!

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