Too Old Glory
I was driving through the mountains of Vermont today and passed a barn that was flying a tattered flag similar to the one in the photo to your left. Up to that point, I'd been having a pleasant conversation with Sgt S. When we passed that flag, we both got quiet and angry for a moment.

It's one thing when you have a picture of devastation like the aftermath of Katrina or 9/11 and you see a flag still flying proudly and that flag happens to be pretty torn. That is a testament and symbolism of America's enduring spirit. But when a flag becomes tattered and worn from lack of attention, that's just flat out disrespectful and it's better you just didn't fly a flag, rather than fly one that you can't maintain. I came across a website today that actually has a "reporting" page, along with plenty of links that cover things like flag etiquette and flag maintenance.

What's the problem these days? Was last generation's youth not taught proper respect for "Old Glory"? How did we get to this? What do you feel/do when you drive past a tattered flag?
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