Thoughts on Home Birth
Well, the baby is too young yet to hear the heartbeat. We'll hear it next time for sure.
It was very exciting having our first midwife appointment, and I love that the midwife comes to our home for the visits. It is very comfortable to sit on my own couch while discussing such a personal matter. It is much better suited to me than a doctor's office - I feel so uncomfortable, and quite frankly, irritated when in the doctor's office. Uncomfortable with the 15 minutes of time alloted, the fact that the doctor never remembers me from appointment to appointment, that they are always late and I am kept waiting (as if my time is less valuable), and the lack of quality, personal care. This is not to say I don't appreciate doctors or their training. If I needed to seek medical attention at anytime in the pregnancy or birth process I would - in a heartbeat.

We have always clung tightly to the belief that how you choose to have your babies is a deeply personal choice - one where another person might be equally as uncomfortable having their child birthed at home as I am with the thought of birthing in a hospital. I absolutely respect that. I would never push my opinion on anyone else.

But I do love having my children at home. Stress is removed when I labor at home -it's the place I am most comfortable. The list of why I love home birth is endless but here are a few reasons: I love how I can step out of the birthing tub with my new baby and lay on our couch, eat the food my Mom prepared for me out of my kitchen, take a shower in my own clean shower, but mostly how I never have to let go of my baby until I am good and ready to.
We certainly set up the important and critical steps for safety - our midwife has the medical equipment she needs, our birth plan is in place should we need to be transported to the hospital, and the ambulance will be notified when labor starts with our address etc. should they need to come in a hurry.

Having my babies at home brings many surprised looks from people who have uncovered that fact about us, but I have never been ridiculed or thought less of. It is an amazing time and I feel blessed to have been able to experience it on two occasions. I look forward to it again, just not the whole "feel like I want to die" pain part......

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