We have had a busy last few days! Friday we hosted a BBQ for Daniel's co-workers and boss, that evening we were invited to dinner with a guy Daniel put in the Air Force along with his parents(really sweet people- no one has ever done that for us before!), Saturday was the parade, Sunday was church with a quiet afternoon, and then today we had some friends from church over for dinner. We are usually not this active so I am totally tired!! Tomorrow we have our first midwife appointment,(hopefully we will be able to hear our baby's heartbeat!) but afterwards the prospect of a quiet day. I am looking forward to the peace and rest as I hate facing a new week already drained from the weekend.

Random question:

Does anyone have a suggestion on a product to unclog a clogged sink? My friend shoved a bunch of egg shells down the garbage disposal, and now we have the lovely predicament of a clogged kitchen sink. Usually we use Draino, but does anyone have anything they think is better? Thanks in advance!!

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