He has brains too!!

Daniel passed the DLAB yesterday! In fact, he did amazing on it. Whoo - hoo!! That test sounded nearly impossible to pass when he described it to me. I actually asked if there were "right" answers or if they just were messing with your head. Of course, there are right answers - it just didn't seem possible. This takes us one step closer to Daniel cross training into the cryptology career field and linguist school (DLI) out in Monterey, California. Eden and Steve from Once Upon a Dream are out there right now and seem to be really happy. I'm pretty sure I could handle living on the coast for approximately a year and a half. Spending time with the kids at the beach sounds awesome! I'm a New Yorker so the beach has never been a part of my lifestyle but I think I could adapt.

We've had so many opportunities present themselves to us over the last year that it makes our head spin, but all those doors have shut. Some of those doors have shut gently, others have slammed. What matters to us is that we are where God wants us. We have started the process of submitting Daniel's re-training package and now comes the waiting. I wish I was better at it.

Until we find out if Daniel is accepted or not, you know what I'll be dreaming of.... ocean waves and NO SNOW!
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