A Sunday Afternoon at the Lincoln River
We found this beautiful river when I was pregnant with Judah. Our then midwife lived way out in the sticks and we had to drive by the river to get to her house. It is so peaceful, beautiful, and clean. It beckons you to come and play. The water is crystal clear, and has a wonderful sound to it. It's almost like I can escape life for a few hours when I am there. The kids had more fun than I've seen them have in a long time. An absolutely perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. A bit farther down the river is a gorgeous waterfall that you can actually jump into. It's about a 35 or 40 foot drop. Daniel, my brothers, and even my Dad have jumped. Now, we just need to get Tarrah's husband Sam to come down and jump with Daniel one of these days.

**Just to update: Yes, there is a random picture of horses in the slide show. There is a farm on the way that has a gazillion mini horses, whose purpose is yet unknown. That picture shows only a fraction. I find it all very strange, yet intriguing.

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