Caught in a torrential downpour
I'm not sure why I am smiling. I was not smiling on the inside, for sure. There wasn't a piece of my clothing dry. No, nothing.

Let me just preface this by saying - it was a gorgeous day when we left for a fun-filled afternoon at Shelburne Farms. Blue skies, big puffy white clouds, absolutely perfect.

The walk out the barnyard at Shelburne Farms is about 1 mile. We felt a few drops along the way, but I can handle a little rain. At about the half way point the skies opened up and it was a torrential downpour. I started to run while trying to push my Maclaren stroller through deep gravel (holla if you know how hard that is! holy freakin' cow!), thinking of my wonderful camera in the netting underneath the stroller. Oh, to add insult to injury it's hilly that last half mile. I was the crazy mother yelling to her four year old "RUN!" A four year old I couldn't really see because it was raining so hard. It was in essence - NUTS. To be put oh, you know...mildly.

We finally made it to the barn and some kind soul opened one of the gates for us; I wish I could say I checked on Judah or Eve first to make sure no one had drowned, but instead I grabbed the camera. It was soaking wet, but after a good rub down with a towel it seems to be fine. The rest of us didn't fare so well. Judah shivered the whole three hours we were there, Eve was freezing, and I now have permanent goosebumps. But, we had fun. Reeeally.

Well, we did enjoy the cheese.
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