See ya! And..... we're back
IKEA here we come!!

Talk about sensory overload! The place was mammoth. Gigantic. I've never been in a bigger store before. It was completely amazing. I can't believe I have lived so long without this store. How? I am in awe. There was an orange and red flower-ish, geometric lines-ish couch there that I wanted to hug and profess my true and undying love to. It was gorgeous and so "me". That, along with fifty-eight million, seventy two thousand and twelve other things, was what I wanted to bring home. But I didn't. Daniel said they wouldn't fit in the van. Party-pooper.

The bad things:

Judah wanted to touch, crawl over, and play on everything and was rather upset that the word "no" was used with regularity. The entire population of Canada within two hundred square miles was in this store, and some of them were rather rude. The cashier didn't feel the need to bag our purchases, and a lady talked down to me and then tried to railroad me while I was waiting my turn in the ladies room (don't try and pull that kind of crap with me - it's never a good idea - she learned that all important lesson yesterday). And I could see the germs stalking my children. I was the crazy lady with the hand sanitizer. Obsessive might have been a good term to label my liberal use of this glorious product. Did I over-use? Perhaps, but it made me feel better.

We ended the day at Sam and Tarrah's house
teaching our kids how to walk again after being in the van for so long, and eating delicious clam chowder with homemade bread. It was great kicking back with good friends. Today... Cleaning the carpets. Hanging stuff. Organizing the garage. Changing out doors. All the fun stuff we ignored yesterday.
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