Denver and Austin
I wanted to have a special nickname for Daniel, in order to find one I asked him if he were a city which would he be. He thought about it for a few minutes and said "Denver". I asked why, because that's what I do. He said it's a city you don't hear anything bad about, lots of sunshine and they like their beer. I thought it sounded right on.

We looked at an overview for the city, it said this - Embodies many diverse cultures and influences. Has some of the best beer in the country, yet they do not overindulge. Active lifestyle, an abundance of sunshine. Denver has a lust for life. Combines the culture and fun of a major city with a spirit of outdoor adventure. That is so Daniel.

He in turn asked me what city I would be. I had no idea... but something funky, yet quiet. I like to have fun, but I'm a good girl. He said "Austin".

We looked it up and it sounded solid - An Austin overview summed me up like this - A city with a heart and with a soul. Cosmopolitan, yet unpretentious. Quirky and far from ordinary. Trade in suits for something a bit more casual. Pretty much Andrea.

Then Daniel went and ruined my fun by finding a test you can take that will tell you what city you are. According to them I am New York. And he is Cleveland. Whatever. I like our hand-picked ones better. Now, I have my nickname for him - Denver. I think it's funny that we picked cities that start with the letter of our first name.

So, if you could pick a city that best describes you what would it be? And don't take one of those silly tests - you know you best!
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