On Markers, Lipstick, and being a Yankee

I am so thankful that our markers are washable. Because of that fact I can let Judah go to town with them and not have to watch him every second. Which, obviously I wasn't. I had to laugh when I saw the dot on the end of his nose - it really makes him look so silly. He sure had fun though!

I like to save the magazines we receive in the mail for Eve to get creative with. The one she used today - Sephora- gives her plenty of options. This morning she only had eyes for the lipstick.

I swear, somehow she got some southern in her. She adopted a southern accent when she was little and, if I let her, would wear lipstick at all times, even to swim lessons. She asks me every week if she can put some on before we leave. Also, according to her, she just can not go to the store without lipstick on her lips. This girl was born in North Dakota, which is about as un-southern as it gets! It must've been that month we spent living in Texas when she was a baby. I didn't realize Texas was so potent! God help us if we are ever stationed in the south as I am about as "Northern" as they come.
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