My beloved bride, a birthday girl
27 and 8 months pregnant

Uh, hello? . . . 30? I think you have the wrong number. Try back in 3 years.

Most people spend the day thinking of their new age. Everyone congratulates them on their birthday and talks about how old/young they are now. I'll confess I've had the same thoughts today, considering that Andrea is now 27. But that's just a marker, just a point of reference. Today is not really about Andrea pushing 30. Today, is a celebration of the day she was born. In light of that, we're not limited to considering for her what 27 will bring. Instead (and this is as it should be), we have a moment, a day, to reflect on all that has happened until today. We're celebrating that Andrea was born on November 7th, 1980.

Because she was born, the world is a little redder.
A young man named Dave learned what it means to be a younger brother. (Don't worry, he doesn't wear dresses anymore)
Jerry and Diana forever became Poppie and Gram.
All of the spiders in the world got a little more nervous but felt awkwardly empowered as well.
A little girl was born and named Eve, she went on to melt hearts worldwide.
A, not quite as little, boy was born and named Judah, he's a ladykiller. Enough said.
A little (we hope) #3 is being formed by God and learning gymnastics.
The world now wakes up breathlessly every Tuesday morning biting their lips, anxious for the next mouthwatering recipe to try.

And an answer was given before a question was asked. God promised me that He would blow my mind with how amazing my wife would be. What I didn't realize was that He didn't mean just once. It blows my mind every single day, that I'm so blessed and privileged to be married, one with, the most incredible woman I've ever known, or known of. She is more than everything I ever dreamed of. She's the wife I've been bragging about since before we were married. She the wife that thrills me so much, that sometimes I feel bad for other guys when I tell them how amazing she is. But I can't help it, I can't help wondering aloud how it happened that I got to get her. For those of you who know her, let her know what she's meant to you. For those of you getting to know her, you see a glimpse of what I get every day. I wouldn't trade places with anyone. Ever.

Babe, I love you. Thanks for saying yes. And don't worry, I told 30 to call back in a few years; of course, we'll have moved by then. . .

(This was 26)
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