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I miss blogging. Like I use to be able to blog. I miss you all being in on my daily life.... but it's daily life that is the problem. I get so stinkin' busy that I can't blog about the stuff that I really want to blog about. Like how Judah moved to a big boy bed this week! Yay! And he has done amazingly well. His favorite thing to say is : "That's my bed!" But, I didn't have the time to tell you about that. Stinks. I didn't have time to tell you that we were going on vacation... That Daniel was on leave this week and that it's been wonderful. Or that Eliza is doing much better, but she had a rough couple of days and it was still pretty scary. About the great deals I found on Craigs List ( having SO much fun!). Or about how some people came to our house to do a walk through, seeing if they want to rent it when we move out. Or how I had to leave because it was breaking my heart to think about someone else living in our home.

Really, I could go on and on. I have so much I want to tell you.

And I really miss visiting all of you AND commenting. I have 273 unread blogs in my bloglines and they just keep on coming. The only time I have to read blogs, for the most part, is when I am nursing Eliza. Commenting is really hard to do one-handed. I do it some, but it gets old fast. I am so sorry. I miss the commenting relationship.
I am going to try and do better. Now that I know more what you guys like to read about, thanks to the poll in the sidebar, I will have more focus.

So, just know that I wish I could blog like I use to and that I miss commenting. This week will be better.

By the way, New Hampshire is GREAT! It's nice to have a little break from real life. And children. As much as I love them... Daniel must come first. I am remembering that this weekend.
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