Pray. Think of us.
Hi Blogland, it's Daniel.

We had to take Eliza to the ER Friday night because her cough got worse. She was really struggling. Turns out she had RSV (some kind of respiratory virus) so they did some suctioning to clear her out and deemed that they she should stay the night. Andie stayed with her last night and all today. They're keeping her another night, hopefully I can pick them up in the morning. She's doing great, obviously feeling much better and looking better too. They just aren't comfortable letting her go yet because it can cycle good and bad. I just talked to Andie tonight and they finally got her and Lize into their own room, so she's a little more comfortable now. I'll update as I can, but hopefully you'll hear from Mrs. Hub herself tomorrow. . .

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.
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