Practicing for "West Texas"
Y'all, I am tired! Really, really tired.

My eyelids have felt like they are made of lead all day today. Well, actually for the last 4 days.
I think I got about three, maybe four hours of sleep during the forty-four hours spent at the hospital. Then last night I was still pretty worried about Eliza so I didn't sleep very well or much. As of right now, I am certain I could sleep for at least a day and a night without waking up.

But, have I ever mentioned that I have two other children? So yeah, that sleeping for twenty-fours hours thing isn't going to fly. Bummer.

After I had Judah, I kindly informed Daniel that I was going to be sleeping for at least two years when all the kids move out of the house. But now, since having my third baby, I'm thinking I need to bump that number up. Way up.

My tiredness really began to show tonight at Bed Bath and Beyond. Daniel and I had a chance to get out for a couple blessed hours without the kids. We went to look for a new bed spread and ended up having a blast laughing at all their "gadgets."

Tonight it was the chef's knife that proclaimed "Try me out!" And the banana scented candle that I nearly passed out after smelling. I made Daniel smell it 'cause misery loves company, you know.
Then there was the grater you could use to remove the dead skin on your feet.


I gagged. Then I laughed. A lot.

It even had a catch-all compartment attached - the company thoughtfully showed a picture of a person throwing the dead skin away. It looked like parmesan cheese. Gross!
We laughed at the razor for shaving your head that looked like a car. Of course I had to insert the appropriate car sounds while Daniel did the shaving motions.
Lastly, there was the stick on your ceiling stars with packaging boasting the world began 15 billion years ago. Silly people! It was actually only 14 billion years.

We are both really tired. Can you tell yet?

Well, here's to hoping that I can get some good sleep tonight. Otherwise, we are in danger of my never-ending laughing thing. And that's just awful. I get started laughing and I can't stop. For like a half an hour. Daniel just shakes his head and smiles. What else can you do when faced with a hysterically laughing woman who just won't stop?
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