Hey Honey....
We're hoooome!

What a torture session that was.

My poor baby girl. Oh, she was so miserable. Scared me absolutely to death on Friday night. That night brought me to the sudden and undeniable realization of how fragile my daughter's life is. Thank God for hospitals, ambulances, doctors, and medicine.

Eliza responded so well to all the treatments she received; she was a really brave girl. But it broke my heart to see her look at me, begging with her eyes for me to save her from the pain they were inflicting on her tiny body, and have to choose to not scoop her up in my arms and run away from the torture.

Our sweet Eliza won over the hearts of all the doctors and nurses who cared for her. Not surprising at all! Who wouldn't melt under the power of her dimple, her chubby cheeks, and beautiful megawatt smile. I know I haven't stood a chance since the day she was born.

Forty-eight hours later sees Eliza doing pretty good. She still has a wicked cough, and her little voice is raspy BUT she is alive and recovering! And we are home. How good it felt to walk out of the pediatric wing and into the fresh air of the outdoors. It was amazing to bring Eliza home; when we sat down in our favorite chair to nurse she just looked into my eyes and smiled. I could see the comfort she took in from being at home. And it is good for me too, to be back where I belong, in my home taking care of my family. I made chicken stir fry tonight for dinner, and the satisfaction I found in making a simple meal for my husband and kids was enormous.

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts for our little girl. I could feel the love. Seriously. It was such an encouragement to know that people all over were praying for us. And I promise you, we needed every single prayer. Thank you, thank you , thank you!
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