In other breaking news...
"George" the betta, is still alive. I couldn't bear to leave him. So, he's "George" the traveling betta now. He's made it to Syracuse so far. Only 34 more driving hours to go. C'mon George!

The number on the scale is going down. Praise be.

It snowed yesterday. Oh, gag me.

Eliza may be getting her ears pierced today. But, I won't be there. If I was there I would cry. Oh wait, I'll still cry. There is something about purposefully inflicting pain on my children that just kills me.

I made dinner last night. Yes, this is breaking news. It had been quite a while. Eve asked me the other night, with a pleading in her eyes: "Mama, are you ever going to make dinner again?" Talk about guilt!

That you are still reading! It's a wonder, really! I've been so boring, repetitious and quite frankly kind of pathetic lately. I'm ready for normal life, pictures, mildly entertaining posts!

Enjoy your Monday, you faithful ones. I'm sure going to.... Carousel Mall here we come!
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