3 Months

Can you believe this beautiful baby is three months old already? I was looking at her last night and wondering where the time goes. Eliza is my perfect baby... happy and content, unless she's hungry or tired, of course. But don't we all get a bit grumpy when we feel like that too?
She adores her brother and sister; Judah is her protector, Eve is her entertainer and future best friend.
Eliza is full of squeals and smiles, but she hasn't laughed yet. This is not for lack of her parents acting like fools to elicit one out her either. Because, believe me, we have. Eliza's favorite thing in the world is getting her diaper changed; I let her grab and eat my hair while she gurgles and smiles at me.
How I love those moments!
You know what I love best about this girl? Simply that she's ours. Waves of adoration and love wash over me for this little life that has been entrusted to Daniel and I. I pray that I will always be the mother that she needs.
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