Numbers in my Life Right Now....
14 days 'til we are in the van driving with Vermont in our rear view. ( Have I mentioned this yet today?)

1 moment of sanity... Instead of driving 32 hours in a van with 3 small children I decided to buy 3 plane tickets for 100 dollars each. Such a small price to pay for sanity.

1 loving mother who is going to fly with us to New Mexico.

7 hours of driving that brought us home at 11:37 pm last night. 2 very tired parents.

1 almost 5 year old. 1 cranky 2 year old. 1 smiley 3 month old.

0 jugs of filtered water. 1 woman drinking tap water. Gross.

18 pounds of ground beef, 7 pounds of stew meat, 2 whole chickens, 1 pot roast, 2 packages of chicken thighs, 1 package of drum sticks, and 1 pound ground turkey needed to be eaten in the next 14 days. Anyone want to come over for dinner? Lunch? Breakfast? Anything...?

1 1/2 freezers full of food I can't take to New Mexico.

1 van. 2 people who need it. 1 very happy little brother who now has my beloved silver Altima, which was our second car.

430 pictures needed to download off my camera, from our trip home.

1 baby who still doesn't have a birth certificate. What in the world....!!

4 years of living in a cute house coming to an end. Sniff.

1 silly, sentimental woman who needs to remember that these houses are just houses. It's the memories in my heart that really matter.

9 more pages left to read in my really good book. I was actually able to read while back home. Miracles never cease.

8 inches of my hair that I had cut off. I feel like a new woman!

And one last thing...

Enough laundry to choke a horse....
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