Eve's Salon Visit
Jason and I worked together at Scott Miller's before I got married. To simply say that Jason cuts hair would be doing him a disservice. He is completely awesome. You haven't really had your hair cut until Jason cuts it. And yes, I am biased. My bias is based on years of him cutting my hair, but also because I totally love him! He has haircutting talent that could make him famous. I know why he stays at Scott Miller's, but his hair cuts could take him anywhere he would care to go. He is amazing. Just amazing. He is the reason I go a year between haircuts... no one can cut my hair like he can. I am completely spoiled. And I freely admit that.

Eve needed her hair shaped quite badly. Her bangs had grown out but didn't flow with the rest of her hair, and she needed her ends brought up a bit. Jason was the man for the job. This was Eve's first "official" hair cut. And she had the whole nine-yards. From the shampoo down to the finish. She did excellent, but hardly said a word. She was quiet as a mouse. Even so I could tell she was completely enjoying herself. Afterwards she was able to go out to the front and have lip gloss and blush applied. Such a special time for a special girl!

She sat on a booster and a pile of towels. She looked so tiny in the big shampoo chairs! I never would have dreamed, while working there, that my daughter would be sitting in one of those seats someday!

This is my favorite picture of the whole bunch I took. Love it... LOVE it!
That Jason, he's such a good man.
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