I was talking on the phone to my friend Tarrah.... the one I am going to desperately miss when we move.

In just over two weeks.

She was elated because it was in the forties in Vermont. But then I informed her that it was going to snow this weekend. There was deep disappointment.

It has been beautiful here. Yes, a bit rainy and still chilly, but doable. And then it snowed last night. Like snowed. Like SNOWED!!!!! It's March 28th. Some of you have flowers up, bird's chirping, sweet smelling breezes. We have snow. And a whole lot of it. I comfort myself with the weather in New Mexico: 70's all week long. There's absolutely no snow in their forecast. I can't wait to be able to walk every day with no coats, and mittens, and hats, and blankets, and chattering teeth. It's going to be excellent. But I won't have my dear friend Tarrah. It's hard to find a friend who knows all the weird little things about you... and still likes you. Rats. I hate good-byes. Unless it's good-bye to the snow. In that case.... bring it on.
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